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At medical school, I had already realized that illness was treated in a reductionist manner as opposed to integrative which brings all the parts together. The person was broken up into the different organs and body parts that were treated individually and patients were sent to various specialists, all of whom never looked at the whole person or communicated with each other. I began searching for a better, kinder, and more holistic way of treating the person using food, herbal remedies and nutritional supplements. After medical school I travelled extensively in Asia and learnt about Chinese medicine and acupuncture and started to see the body not just as cells and organs but also as an energetic system inseparable from mind, emotion and spirit. I also learnt about Ayurveda, aromatherapy and homoeopathy (my BIG love) and treating the person as an integrated whole being.


Medical School – University of Cape Town (MBChB)

Homeopathy- School of London (MF Hom, Dip Acu)

Diploma of Occupational Health (UCT)

Integrative Medical Doctor

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