Exclusive Medicines

Preventative and Curative


A range of carefully selected Homeopathic and Herbal medicines that are verified by myself.
Click on the product for the description and its function. Products are sold and priced per bottle.
Please be aware that homeopathic complexes contain remedies that usually work for an ailment. If in the rare case of the medicine not working, it does not mean that homeopathy does not work, it just means that your specific remedy was not in the mix.
* If you would like some advice on the most appropriate medication for you please contact Dr. Usdin on 083 324 2348.

How to take Homeopathic Remedies

Suck 5 – 8 pillules in a clean mouth (i.e. no taste in the mouth including the taste of toothpaste). Initially every hour for 3 doses, then every 2 – 4 hours or as prescribed.